Fayette Coal & Coke, Inc.

Fayette Coal & Coke, Inc. operates a full-service stone manufacturing company currently operating two quarries in southwestern Pennsylvania.

The quarries manufacture aggregate in various sizes, with the material being used to build roads and for various construction projects. Our quarries also provide aggregate for the oil and gas industry for construction of well site pads, access roads and other needed uses.

Our stone quarries are conveniently located at the sites listed below.

Please call for more information on available aggregate and contractor pricing.

  • Paisley Stone Quarry
    Monongahela Township
    Greene County, Pa.
    Phone: 724-322-7904
  • Bullskin Stone & Lime No. 1 Mine
    Bullskin Township
    Fayette County, Pa.
    Phone: 724-220-5771